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"times square" by bert monroy

Bert Monroy is an incredible artist. He recently completed his epic work: Times Square. A 60″ x 300″ digital masterpiece is the result of four years work. Consisting of 1000’s of photoshop and illustrator files the artwork weighs in at 6.52 Gigabytes. Monroy’s hyper-realist piece is coming to San Francisco in July look for details […]

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PSW logo

Photoshop World Las Vegas September 7-9, 2011 Photoshop World is my favorite show of the year. Not only is this the best Photoshop conference, it is truly a one of a kind event. Scott Kelby and the folks at KelbyMedia put on an absolute thrilling and mind filling conferencet. When you leave PSW you will […]

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Siggraph 2011 is right around the corner. This year it will be in lovely Vancouver Canada. This will be the 38th year of this show. Dates: Conference August 7-11 Exhibition August 9-11 If you have never been I highly recommend it. There is no other show like this on the planet. The Future technologies area […]

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Google Operating System Blog: Unofficial news and tips about Google I found while searching for info on using a YouTube for my iTunes feed. I was wanting to re-boost Gary-Paul TV for this site. I long ago set-up Gary-Paul TV using the Internet Archive. It was a bit clucky and has outlived its use for […]

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DIY RSS Screen Saver Here is a good one from Apple. Make your own screen saver. Quartz Composer lets you create your own Screen Saver with any RSS feed as its text source. And it’s included with the free Xcode 2 developer tools in Mac OS X Leopard. Why am I telling you about this […]