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PMA Photo Marketing Association is launching a new show in Los Angeles this coming May 4-5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center: It is free to register: It is going to overlap with Adobe MAX 2013 (which yours truly will be attending). The Big Photo Show is PMA’s foray into the consumer level […]

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If you are a marketing professional you need to keep your savvy up on current topics and innovations. Whether you engaged in digital marketing or hiring a digital marketer for your company, you need to be able to prove your efforts- show results. The days of people with self-appointed titles like: Digital Guru or Social […]

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My friend Damon Hampson and I went and had lunch at Butterfly (which I highly recommend) with author Will Luton and discussed his upcoming book Free To Play: Making Money From Games You Give Away. We stopped off at the Musée Méchanique to shoot this promo video first. (Side Note: We shot this video using […]

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Several years ago during a layover while traveling for business,  I picked up an abandoned copy of USA Today and read the short snippet below. I tore it out and have kept it pinned on the wall in my office. I have shared it many times with colleagues and assistants. Today I am going to […]