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San Francisco SuperMeet 2012
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Boston Final Cut Pro User Group held their annual West SuperMeet in San Francisco this past week. The place was buzzing about the changes that came with the advent of FCP X. A lot of folks are still on the fence about what to do since Apple dropped a lot of features that are critical to pro work flow. Some people are taking second look at Premiere and others are contemplating heading back to Avid. In all honesty it is a big jump to change course so drastically. I will say that Premiere is pretty rocking. I am a big fan of Adobe and have started to use Premiere and I like it. If you do change your production house over from FCP I still recommend you have FCP X in your tool box. The name of the game is flexibility and you should be able to flex with your market – especially if you are a lone wolf editor with a variety of clients- you want to make sure you can work with them all. At the Supermeet I spoke to a lot of editors who haven’t even purchased FCP X. This is crazy! It is a small investment- again it should be in everyone’s tool box. There was one big announcement at this show and that is that Boston Final Cut Pro User Group is now going to refer to themselves as Creative Pro User Group- I guess that will allow them to be identified with the larger market.

There were a long list of great sessions and the expo area was pretty cool. For iPhone shooters and those into pushing the limits of this device there were some fun items. Taz from Handheld Hollywood was at the SuperMeet and had some very cool accessories for iPhone video aficionados including suction cup mount, the new mCam which is made by the folks who brought us the Owle and a bunch of other great accessories. In the past I dragged around a video camera and I am happy that you can shoot decent footage with the iPhone and especially if you use a few cool gadgets to help boost its capability. I highly recommend the Handheld Hollywood blog – I for one will be checking it often.

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