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… memo bis punitor delicatum!" It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal!

This site is an extension of my fine art studio. As a working artist and marketing pro,  I have the honor of working with artists, luminaries and experts in fine art, graphics, video, film, photography and Web design.  I meet individuals who constantly are pushing the limits of creative media. is a repository for all things that cross my path while navigating the planet and all urges I have to share my observations of the world. I hope that you will find things here that inspire, motivate and teach you about your creativity. 

Artist Barbosa Prince’s artwork is in private art collections in the United States, Mexico, Italy, England, Holland, Switzerland, and Norway. He is one of the expressionists/pop surrealist artists emerging from the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 80’s. His work contains pop and folk style references that can be humorous, impish and sarcastic commentary. Barbosa Prince produces thought provoking, risque artwork that questions and blurs the boundaries of social, political and religious issues.

He is the founder of INFERNO Gallery, a contemporary fine art exhibition space in East Oakland that displays work from emerging and mid-career artists. In addition he is one of the founding members  and acted as the Chairman of the board and Chief Strategist of BridgeMakerARTS a contemporary art space in Richmond, CA.

As a digital media professional he has created and managed technology events, produced video, developed learning content, and marketing strategies for leading brands in the creative how-to market, including: Adobe Press, Peachpit Press, New Riders, Apple Pro Training Series, KelbyMedia, and Safari Books Online. He is the Creative Strategist and Lead Producer at Swirlpop, a creative media factory in Oakland, CA.

He also founded and produced Pearson Education’s first and leading podcast network: Peachpit TV.