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Next Stop SXSW 2013


I have been attending SXSW for the last 8 years for New Riders marketing the latest books and videos in how-to instruction from the Web’s thought leaders, and meeting with potential authors. In that time period the Interactive attendees eclipsed the Music portion of the show.  With the explosion of Web 2.0 hipness and social media, SXSW became a focal point for leaders and innovators to come together and discuss future directions of the Web and related media. Web movers and shakers like Jeffrey Zeldman, Aaron Walter, Chris Schmidt, Ze Frank, and Molly Holzschlag were convening and sharing ideas in Austin over beers and live music. Well this is still happening! and if you have never been to SXSW than you better find a friend who has a hotel because they sell out as soon as the show goes on sale. You can still get passes to the show so don’t worry about that.

SXSW truly is an event to behold. More importantly it is the one place where you can immerse yourself in a week of high energy contact with like minded people who are bringing their ideas specifically to share and explore the possibilities. I know all this sounds like hyperbole but take it from a person who has seen the show grow and has represented many of the speakers, and has literally spoken to 1000’s of attendees – this is the palce to be. If you are a web designer, web-entrepreneur, developer, social media marketer, digital media artist or any variation of you will find that the sessions and networking available are a gold mine of opportunity. Now I will admit that with change and growth, comes growing pains  – so some folks who have been SXSW devotees may fall off because they have a romantic memory of what it was – but that change also brings in new waves of digital media discovery.

If you do happen to come than make sure you come see me! Come tell me what you are percolating in that creative mind of yours. I will be in the New Riders booth #524. The first 10 people to mention this post will get a New Riders “Be Responsive Y’all” T-Shirt!

Aqua Art Miami 2012


This year my work was displayed at Aqua Art Miami during Art Basel through Jacqueline Cooper Fine Art. Aqua Art has been operating during Art Basel Miami as a satellite show for 8 years and has developed a solid following as well as a reputation for displaying great art from West Coast galleries with a highlight on emerging and mid career artists. The show opened the evening of December 5th with a VIP event that was(putting it lightly) a complete blow out- attendance was through the roof and the vibe and excitement was fever pitch. The high energy has remained and the show runs through December 9th. Most of the galleries have a distinct vision to their stable of artist and a few seemed discombobulated. This Isn’t a criticism as the same can be said for Art Basel. News was also released yesterday that Art Aqua was purchased by Art Miami. Word from the galleries was that the Art Miami folks went around to make introductions and to ensure exhibitors that all is well and they are looking forward to working with them in 2013. If the Art Miami folks can keep the momentum going and continue with bringing in the edgy west coast galleries than Aqua Art will continue its rise on the Art Basel radar as a destination to find fresh art unfiltered by the Basel big gallery hubris.

If you want to see the work of mine that Jacqueline took to Aqua Art go to my website at and look at the “Mexican Drug War” series. So instead of just promoting myself I want to name a few notables.

Edward Del Rosario produced some exquisitely painted works that were mysterious and playfully dark. His work “Contest of Champions” hints of the gender interactions of love and social circumstance.

Dickson Schneider and his “Free Art Cart” bucks the Art Basel aesthetic by giving away the valuable commodity to the masses. Schneider has built a cart that is reminiscent of the old style ice cream carts. He sets up in front of the Aqua hotel and offers his “free art” to any and all who ask for a work. The artwork is part art display and part performance. This is the second year he has produced this work and it has also been shown in Oakland, Ca. at the now recently legended Oakland Art Murmur in Oakland, Ca.

Finally Helen Bayly my fellow artist at Jacqueline Cooper fine art produces incredible drawings inspired by decadence, lust and deep seated sexual desires. Blending religion, mythology and classical drawing, Bayly creates work that draws in the spectator and excites the senses. There is dark underpinnings and Bayley’s execution is alluring and delicious.

All in all Aqua Art is a unique part of Art Basel and has made it mark as a must attend event!

Plastic Bullet: My Favorite Camera App


There are gobs of photo apps and many of them are quite good.  When you start adding photos apps to your iPhone the one thing you will notice is that some of them have similar features and before you know it you have the same feature in multiple apps. It is sort of like kitchen appliances. There are some who solve many tasks but they include a task that is solved by other appliances. How many types of appliances blend food? traditional blender, hand blender, small food processor, large food processor, …etc. Enough!

Plastic Bullet is a great photo app that does something the others don’t…it simply makes all photos look great! The algorithym in this app includes color variation, black and white, high and low contrast, feathered edges, blur and it does them all very well. At a $1.99 this is a must have app. The beauty of the app is it makes all the decisions for you and you need only hit apply and you get a shot of four choices each time. Keep applying the filter until you get what you like. There is built in sharing for facebook, twitter, and saving to your photo library. Made by the folks who at Red Giant, I highly recommend you get this app. Check out the gallery attached to the link in this post….you are going to love it!

San Francisco SuperMeet 2012


Boston Final Cut Pro User Group held their annual West SuperMeet in San Francisco this past week. The place was buzzing about the changes that came with the advent of FCP X. A lot of folks are still on the fence about what to do since Apple dropped a lot of features that are critical to pro work flow. Some people are taking second look at Premiere and others are contemplating heading back to Avid. In all honesty it is a big jump to change course so drastically. I will say that Premiere is pretty rocking. I am a big fan of Adobe and have started to use Premiere and I like it. If you do change your production house over from FCP I still recommend you have FCP X in your tool box. The name of the game is flexibility and you should be able to flex with your market – especially if you are a lone wolf editor with a variety of clients- you want to make sure you can work with them all. At the Supermeet I spoke to a lot of editors who haven’t even purchased FCP X. This is crazy! It is a small investment- again it should be in everyone’s tool box. There was one big announcement at this show and that is that Boston Final Cut Pro User Group is now going to refer to themselves as Creative Pro User Group- I guess that will allow them to be identified with the larger market.

There were a long list of great sessions and the expo area was pretty cool. For iPhone shooters and those into pushing the limits of this device there were some fun items. Taz from Handheld Hollywood was at the SuperMeet and had some very cool accessories for iPhone video aficionados including suction cup mount, the new mCam which is made by the folks who brought us the Owle and a bunch of other great accessories. In the past I dragged around a video camera and I am happy that you can shoot decent footage with the iPhone and especially if you use a few cool gadgets to help boost its capability. I highly recommend the Handheld Hollywood blog – I for one will be checking it often.

Art show at INFERNO: Made in the Vulcan


December Holiday Sale at the INFERNO gallery

“Made in the Vulcan Studios”
Paintings, sculpture, prints, objects d’art, jewelry, strange gifts and more!!! All made by artist in the Vulcan Studios.

December 8th
6pm to 9pm

Also Open Sunday December 11th 11am- 5pm

Santa Claus is coming to the INFERNO and he is bringing art from East Oakland. Lots of great gifts for X-mas, Kwanza, Festivus, Chanukah and Solstice. Artists include: Helena Bianca, Lorely Bunoan, Ren Dodge, Stearns Forest, Sterling, Ezra Li Eismont, Susannah Israel, Michelle Palmer, Gary-Paul Barbosa Prince, Barbara Rogers,, Charity Romero,William Winkler, and more!

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Adobe MAX 2011


Right now is one of the most exciting times to be a designer/developer. Adobe MAX is Adobe’s premier event where they roll out new products and test the waters with their core group of design and development partners. I’ll be there with Adobe Press and Peachpit. Adobe is set to make some big announcements – so keep your eyes peeled for the news on

Actor Rainn Wilson will be emcee at the Adobe MAX Awards which should make for quite a ceremony. The awards will be broadcast live so if you are not there you can still catch it here.

There is also the big news that Weezer will be playing at the Adobe MAX Bash. This year promises to be a big Hoooha!!

Also check out Peachpit’s MAX page for cool deals on Adobe related learning products.

If you are not going this year make plans to attend next year in the meantime you can stay connected with MAX social media resources below:

@AdobeMAX: The main account from which we’ll send conference highlights, news, and even a few surprises.

@AdobeEvents: The account that will address event logistics and answer general MAX questions about rooms, sessions, WiFi, and food. This account will be following the conversation around #MAXhelp closely.

Hash Tags:

#AdobeMAX: The main MAX hashtag. Make sure you include it in all of your tweets.

#MAXhelp: Use this hashtag to notify us about event logistical issues.

Product Twitter accounts for updates during the conference.

Oakland Underground Film Festival


This September 22-24th is the Third Annual Oakland Underground Film Festival. Live music, DJs, Taco Trucks, Beer a true Oakland style event.

Opening Party: September 22 @ 10pm
Closing Night Party September 24th
All Shows $10

Located at: Grand Street Tavern
3200 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610

Check out there Website for details
Oakland Underground Film Fest

New Premiere CS5.5 Videos from Peachpit on Adobe TV


Check out the new Premiere CS5.5 on Adobe TV from the Peachpit TV for Video Channel Author Rich Harrington has put together some great videos using techniques from his An Editor’s Guide to Premiere Pro book. The first three are up and there are 7 more to come. Rich brilliantly guides you through importing Avid and Final Cut Pro projects to Premiere, this is a must for folks making the jump to Premiere or having to work with old FCP or Avid project files. He also included a video on customizing sequence settings for fast renders. So head over to Adobe TV and check it out and remember there are more to come.

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