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My friend Damon Hampson and I went and had lunch at Butterfly (which I highly recommend) with author Will Luton and discussed his upcoming book Free To Play: Making Money From Games You Give Away. We stopped off at the Musée Méchanique to shoot this promo video first. (Side Note: We shot this video using […]

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Okay this is for the person who has a pet and is obsessed with their pet’s shenanigans. In addition they have to also love Twitter messages that are more mindless than most and we know Twitter is not a place filled with mindless tweets, cough! Introducing Puppy Tweets! The good folks at Mattel are teaching […]

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Hey Photoshop fans! Adobe is bringing Photoshop & You to San Francisco. I attended the pre-opening Gala and Adobe has produced a fantastic environment that will inspire, help boost your skills and give you new insight on the possibilities for your photography. The store includes a theater, training books and videos area, and digital imaging […]

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Google Operating System Blog: Unofficial news and tips about Google I found while searching for info on using a YouTube for my iTunes feed. I was wanting to re-boost Gary-Paul TV for this site. I long ago set-up Gary-Paul TV using the Internet Archive. It was a bit clucky and has outlived its use for […]

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DIY RSS Screen Saver Here is a good one from Apple. Make your own screen saver. Quartz Composer lets you create your own Screen Saver with any RSS feed as its text source. And it’s included with the free Xcode 2 developer tools in Mac OS X Leopard. Why am I telling you about this […]