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Next Stop SXSW 2013
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I have been attending SXSW for the last 8 years for New Riders marketing the latest books and videos in how-to instruction from the Web’s thought leaders, and meeting with potential authors. In that time period the Interactive attendees eclipsed the Music portion of the show.¬† With the explosion of Web 2.0 hipness and social media, SXSW became a focal point for leaders and innovators to come together and discuss future directions of the Web and related media. Web movers and shakers like Jeffrey Zeldman, Aaron Walter, Chris Schmidt, Ze Frank, and Molly Holzschlag were convening and sharing ideas in Austin over beers and live music. Well this is still happening! and if you have never been to SXSW than you better find a friend who has a hotel because they sell out as soon as the show goes on sale. You can still get passes to the show so don’t worry about that.

SXSW truly is an event to behold. More importantly it is the one place where you can immerse yourself in a week of high energy contact with like minded people who are bringing their ideas specifically to share and explore the possibilities. I know all this sounds like hyperbole but take it from a person who has seen the show grow and has represented many of the speakers, and has literally spoken to 1000’s of attendees – this is the palce to be. If you are a web designer, web-entrepreneur, developer, social media marketer, digital media artist or any variation of you will find that the sessions and networking available are a gold mine of opportunity. Now I will admit that with change and growth, comes growing pains¬† – so some folks who have been SXSW devotees may fall off because they have a romantic memory of what it was – but that change also brings in new waves of digital media discovery.

If you do happen to come than make sure you come see me! Come tell me what you are percolating in that creative mind of yours. I will be in the New Riders booth #524. The first 10 people to mention this post will get a New Riders “Be Responsive Y’all” T-Shirt!

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