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Plastic Bullet: My Favorite Camera App
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There are gobs of photo apps and many of them are quite good.  When you start adding photos apps to your iPhone the one thing you will notice is that some of them have similar features and before you know it you have the same feature in multiple apps. It is sort of like kitchen appliances. There are some who solve many tasks but they include a task that is solved by other appliances. How many types of appliances blend food? traditional blender, hand blender, small food processor, large food processor, …etc. Enough!

Plastic Bullet is a great photo app that does something the others don’t…it simply makes all photos look great! The algorithym in this app includes color variation, black and white, high and low contrast, feathered edges, blur and it does them all very well. At a $1.99 this is a must have app. The beauty of the app is it makes all the decisions for you and you need only hit apply and you get a shot of four choices each time. Keep applying the filter until you get what you like. There is built in sharing for facebook, twitter, and saving to your photo library. Made by the folks who at Red Giant, I highly recommend you get this app. Check out the gallery attached to the link in this post….you are going to love it!

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