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The Lesson of nine-and-a-half minutes


Several years ago during a layover while traveling for business,  I picked up an abandoned copy of USA Today and read the short snippet below. I tore it out and have kept it pinned on the wall in my office. I have shared it many times with colleagues and assistants. Today I am going to share it with you.

Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, graduation speech at the University of Pittsburgh: “On the subway in New York, there is a train that runs the full length of Manhattan and out to Brooklyn, called the “A Train”…On that train, there’s a stretch between 59th and 125th streets without any stops…Nine-and-a-half minutes of uninterrupted time…We hired actors to pose as a passenger in trouble on the train. One of them would enter the carriage start to wobble, grab onto the hand rail and then keel over…We watched while the majority of the people hesitated, looked around, and then looked away…Make no mistake: Doing nothing is a choice in itself. And surprisingly that choice gets more likely as the size of the group grows. That’s the lesson of nine-and-a-half minutes—not much time, but enough not to act, or enough to do something that matters, to extend a human touch, change another person’s life…You can choose to act right in your own backyard, in small, meaningful ways. This was my nine-and-a-half minutes with you. I hope I used it well. Congratulations.

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Aqua Art Miami 2012


This year my work was displayed at Aqua Art Miami during Art Basel through Jacqueline Cooper Fine Art. Aqua Art has been operating during Art Basel Miami as a satellite show for 8 years and has developed a solid following as well as a reputation for displaying great art from West Coast galleries with a highlight on emerging and mid career artists. The show opened the evening of December 5th with a VIP event that was(putting it lightly) a complete blow out- attendance was through the roof and the vibe and excitement was fever pitch. The high energy has remained and the show runs through December 9th. Most of the galleries have a distinct vision to their stable of artist and a few seemed discombobulated. This Isn’t a criticism as the same can be said for Art Basel. News was also released yesterday that Art Aqua was purchased by Art Miami. Word from the galleries was that the Art Miami folks went around to make introductions and to ensure exhibitors that all is well and they are looking forward to working with them in 2013. If the Art Miami folks can keep the momentum going and continue with bringing in the edgy west coast galleries than Aqua Art will continue its rise on the Art Basel radar as a destination to find fresh art unfiltered by the Basel big gallery hubris.

If you want to see the work of mine that Jacqueline took to Aqua Art go to my website at BarbosaPrince.com and look at the “Mexican Drug War” series. So instead of just promoting myself I want to name a few notables.

Edward Del Rosario produced some exquisitely painted works that were mysterious and playfully dark. His work “Contest of Champions” hints of the gender interactions of love and social circumstance.

Dickson Schneider and his “Free Art Cart” bucks the Art Basel aesthetic by giving away the valuable commodity to the masses. Schneider has built a cart that is reminiscent of the old style ice cream carts. He sets up in front of the Aqua hotel and offers his “free art” to any and all who ask for a work. The artwork is part art display and part performance. This is the second year he has produced this work and it has also been shown in Oakland, Ca. at the now recently legended Oakland Art Murmur in Oakland, Ca.

Finally Helen Bayly my fellow artist at Jacqueline Cooper fine art produces incredible drawings inspired by decadence, lust and deep seated sexual desires. Blending religion, mythology and classical drawing, Bayly creates work that draws in the spectator and excites the senses. There is dark underpinnings and Bayley’s execution is alluring and delicious.

All in all Aqua Art is a unique part of Art Basel and has made it mark as a must attend event!