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Book Review: Rise of the DEO


Rise of the DEO bookI consider myself lucky that I have worked in the area of creative how-to publishing for so long and that my job is actually an education and skill building endeavor. I am basically paid to learn and stay on top of technology trends – there is one other plus, and that is working and getting to know the brilliant minds who are our authors. Maria Giudice is a fountain head of creative savvy. From the early days of the web she has been a leader in creating design that enhances and extends user experience and heightened visual continuity. She has spoken at conferences the world over and co-teaches a Business and Design course at the California College of the Arts with co-author Christopher Ireland. After running HOT Studio, hands down the most successful design studio in San Francisco, Facebook recently purchased HOT in order to bring in Maria as Director of Product Design.

In Rise of the DEO Maria and Christopher recognize the function of the Artists’ role operating at the highest level in the corporate structure. In the new paradigm the MBA left brain approach which dominated the 20th century corporate structure has given way to the DEO. Design and data are paired with intuition and savoir-faire that understands evolving media.
Well written and structured to real-world application. Maria and Christopher share practical knowledge that is helpful to all levels of leadership. I recommend you get a copy for everyone in your organization. This book is destined to be a classic!

Rise of the DEO
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-93439-0
Published by New Riders

The Lesson of nine-and-a-half minutes


Several years ago during a layover while traveling for business,  I picked up an abandoned copy of USA Today and read the short snippet below. I tore it out and have kept it pinned on the wall in my office. I have shared it many times with colleagues and assistants. Today I am going to share it with you.

Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, graduation speech at the University of Pittsburgh: “On the subway in New York, there is a train that runs the full length of Manhattan and out to Brooklyn, called the “A Train”…On that train, there’s a stretch between 59th and 125th streets without any stops…Nine-and-a-half minutes of uninterrupted time…We hired actors to pose as a passenger in trouble on the train. One of them would enter the carriage start to wobble, grab onto the hand rail and then keel over…We watched while the majority of the people hesitated, looked around, and then looked away…Make no mistake: Doing nothing is a choice in itself. And surprisingly that choice gets more likely as the size of the group grows. That’s the lesson of nine-and-a-half minutes—not much time, but enough not to act, or enough to do something that matters, to extend a human touch, change another person’s life…You can choose to act right in your own backyard, in small, meaningful ways. This was my nine-and-a-half minutes with you. I hope I used it well. Congratulations.

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